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Visitors Rules of Chocotopia

Chocolate Experience sro, with its registered office at Celetná 557/10, Staré Město, 110 00 Prague 1, IČ: 06199682, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 278006 

Section 1
Entry into Chocotopia

Article I

These visitor rules are binding and apply to all persons entering the premises of Chocotopia (hereinafter referred to as “Chocotopia”) (hereinafter referred to as “visitors”). Visitors temporarily authorized to enter the premises of Chocotopia or any part thereof for the purpose of holding meetings, banquets or other social events, as well as for professional reasons, are subject to these Rules adequately, especially unless otherwise agreed.

Section 2
Entry into Chocotopia

Article II

Chocotopia is open every day of the week, including public holidays. Exceptions when Chocotopia is closed are listed on the Chocotopia website at: www.chocotopia.cz

Article III

Entry to the Chocotopia is only allowed during the specified opening hours, unless otherwise agreed.

Article IV

We reserve the right to change the visiting days as well as the opening hours of the Chocotopia or the limitations of the services offered. In particular, for security or public health reasons, Chocotopia or part thereof may be closed, without any claim for damages arising from the visitor or any other claims.

Article V

Entry to Chocotopia is only possible upon presentation of a valid ticket. This obligation also applies to visitors who are exempted from the obligation to pay admission. Visitors are obliged to show their tickets at any time at the request of one of the employees of Chocotopia. The ticket entitles the visitor to one visit to Chocotopia. Purchased and checked tickets cannot be returned. Discounts are provided according to the valid price list

Article VI

Chambers are allowed to enter the area with prams. Scooters, skateboards, roller skates or any other similar aids are prohibited in the Museum. In accordance with the provisions of Article 9 of these Rules, these items must be deposited in the changing room. Before entering the exhibition space, the visitor is obliged to store all objects larger than 30 x 40 cm or longer than 40 cm in the dressing room. They are eg. umbrellas, bags, bags and all luggage on wheels or worn on the back, including baby stretchers. The outer garment can also be stored in the dressing room for a fee of 30, -CZK / 1eur.

Article VII

Chocotopia is equipped with a device that facilitates access for people with reduced mobility.

Article VIII

Chocotopia is not liable for any damage caused by wheelchairs to third parties or their users.

Article IX

For security reasons, the number of visitors in individual expositions may be limited.

Article X

Parents are responsible for their children

Section 3
Changing rooms - uncollected
items, found items

There is a cloakroom available for visitors.
Items that can make it difficult for visitors to view a Chocotopia can be put off in the locker room for a fee of 30, -CZK / 1 euros. Items that are expressly prohibited in Chocotopia may also be left in the locker room. It is not possible to store live animals in the dressing room.

Article XI

Cloakroom service:

accepts items into the changing room according to the capacity of the changing room; may refuse to take over items in the dressing room whose presence could jeopardize the safety and proper functioning of the dressing room. At the request of the cloakroom attendant, the visitor is obliged to carry out a security check of his / her luggage, which he / she wants to put in the cloakroom.

does not accept animals for safekeeping

we are not liable for deferred things

Before entering the exhibition space, the visitor is obliged to store all objects larger than 30 x 40 cm or longer than 40 cm in the dressing room. They are eg. umbrellas, bag bags and all luggage on wheels or worn on the back, including baby stretchers.

The outer garment can also be stored in the dressing room for a fee of 30, -CZK / 1eur.

issues numbered tickets to visitors; in the event of loss of the ticket, the item need not be issued to the visitor earlier than at the end of the changing room’s operating hours, or after a proper examination of the owner of the item to prove that it is related to the item.

Article XII

The visitor is obliged to pick up the items deposited in the locker room before the end of the opening hours of Chocotopia. Unclaimed items from the dressing room, as well as other items found in the Chocotopia premises, will be kept for 1 year in the Control Room for collection by their owner. These items may be issued at the entrance to Chocotopia upon presentation of an identification document. After 1 year these things will be liquidated or donated to some of the charitable companies. Unclaimed items from the dressing room, as well as items found in Chocotopia premises where there is a safety concern, will be handed over to the appropriate authorities for disposal.

Article XIII

Chocotopia is not responsible for the loss or theft of items freely put away by visitors outside the cloakroom area. Visitors are obliged to pay attention to personal things. Likewise, Chocotopia is not liable to visitors for any damage caused to them due to theft.

Section 4
General requirements for visitor

Article XIV

It is forbidden to bring to Chocotopia:

    • weapons, knives, chains, scissorsa, explosive, flammable and / or volatile substances and, in general, any illegal, dangerous substances or objects;
    • bulky or loud items, including luggage, which must be left in the changing room in accordance with Article 9;
    • animals, except a guide dog for the blind (small dog in the bag is allowed)
    • food and drinks

Article XV

Visitors must be appropriately dressed, entry will not be allowed in particular to swimsuit-wearers without top or bottom clothing, and must behave properly and considerate to the staff of Chocotopia, as well as other visitors or any other person in the Chocotopia premises. Persons in heavily soiled clothing and those who may damage the exhibited works or endanger the safety of other visitors may not have access to the exhibition premises or may be expelled from them. Visitors are obliged to follow the safety rules. Visitors are obliged by their behavior, attitude or remarks not to disturb the tour of Chocotopia.

Article XVI

Is prohibited:

    • eat and drink in the exhibition area;
    • to enter Chocotopia under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances;
    • touch decorations and generally interfere in any way with wax figures or decorations;
    • block emergency exits and use emergency exits only in the event of an accident
    • cross barriers and other barriers and do not respect published restrictions or prohibitions;
    • write or paint on walls and walls or otherwise pollute and damage them;
    • running, pushing or pushing, sliding or climbing in Chocotopia;
    • disturb other visitors by any noisy activity, especially by listening to audio or video players or playing musical instruments;
    • discard garbage, especially chewing gum, outside the waste bins. Waste bins are available at the entrance and exit of Chocotopia;
    • smoke and manipulate open flames in any way;
    • operate without proper authorization any commercial or advertising activity, withdraw money, distribute and sell brochures, printed matter, newspapers, badges or other items of any kind on Chocotopia’s premises;
    • The operation of a tourist guide is also strictly prohibited
    • use the premises and facilities of Chocotopia in any way that is not in accordance with their purpose.

Article XVII

Visitors who violate the provisions of these visitors’ rules may be expelled from the premises of Chocotopia, or other legal action may be taken against them.

Section 5
Special arrangements for groups

Article XVIII

We recommend that all groups make a booking date and time before visiting Chocotopia at: info@chocotopia.cz In case the reservation is not made in advance, you may experience a longer waiting time.
In addition, it may be prohibited to enter groups, especially pupils or students of schools, with inadequate escorting of teaching staff. In addition, they may be expelled from the premises of the Chocotopia group whose members violate the provisions of these Regulations or any other instructions, in particular, employees of Chocotopia.

Article XIX

Visitors – members of the group are subject to the same rules set out in these visitors’ rules as for individual visitors.

Article XX

The group leader is obliged to ensure that all members of the group adhere to the rules laid down in these rules and to the instructions of the Chocotopia staff. Chocotopia reserves the right, if necessary, to take steps to ensure the proper conduct of group members.

Article XXI

Groups are required not to disturb other visitors to Chocotopia.

Article XXII

For security reasons, the number of visitors in individual expositions may be limited.

Section 6
Ensuring safety

Article XXIII

Visitors are hereby informed of the installation of a camera system with recording equipment in the premises of Chocotopia for the purpose of ensuring the safety of visitors and objects located in Chocotopia, in particular wax figurines and exhibits, and possibly the premises of Chocotopia and property protection against crime. . 101/2000 Coll., On personal data protection. Personal data of visitors within the scope – video recording of the CCTV system are processed by the administrator, Chocolate Experience sro, with its registered office at Celetná 557/10, Staré Město, 110 00 Prague 1, IČ: 06199682, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 278006. The Administrator is entitled to authorize the processing of any third party. The camera system records images 24 hours a day, during the opening hours of Chocotopia. Recordings made from the CCTV system will be kept by the administrator for 3 days from the date of recording, then deleted. Processing takes place at the registered office address of the administrator. There will be no other recipients of personal data obtained by the administrator from the CCTV system, except for law enforcement authorities on suspicion of a criminal offense, or the relevant administrative authorities. Visitors have the right of access to personal data, the right to correct personal data, as well as other rights set out in Section 21 of the Personal Data Protection Act; if the visitor discovers or believes that the controller or processor is processing his / her personal data that is contrary to the privacy of the data subject or to the law, in particular where personal data are inaccurate with regard to the purpose of their processing, they may ask the controller or the processor for an explanation; require the controller or processor to remedy the situation, in particular by blocking, correcting, supplementing or destroying personal data. Contact details for receiving applications:gdpr@chocotopia.cz

Article XXIV

Upon request, visitors are obliged to undergo a personal search or search of items that visitors bring or take from Chocotopia by the Chocotopia Security Service or any other employee of Chocotopia.

Article XXV

Visitors are obliged to refrain from any action that could endanger the safety of persons or things in the premises of Chocotopia. Visitors are obliged to report any damages or any other unusual facts to the Chocotopia Security Service or any Chocotopia employees without delay.

Article XXVI

Visitors are obliged to follow the written safety rules as well as the safety instructions of the Chocotopia staff. If the evacuation of Chocotopia or any part of it is necessary, visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of Chocotopia employees.

Article XXVII

If a visitor suffers an accident or is suffering from a medical condition, contact Chocotopia staff to provide medical assistance.

Article XXVIII

A visitor who witnesses any unlawful conduct, in particular committing a criminal offense, or a misdemeanor against property or health, is obliged to notify the employees of Chocotopia without delay.

Article XXIX

If a visitor finds a lost child in the premises of Chocotopia, have him / her take him / her to the main box office of the museum or hand it over to one of the employees of Chocotopia.

Article XXX

The museum is not liable for accidents and damages caused as a result of violating the visitors’ rules.

Section 7
Photography, audio and video
recordings and copies

Article XXXI

Visitors are entitled to make video recordings and audiovisual recordings of the premises of Chocotopia, wax figures and decorations, solely for the personal use of the visitor. For non-personal use of the visitor (commercial purposes, artistic creation) it is possible to make video recordings and audio-visual recordings only on the basis of an application with the prior consent of the chief executive officers of Chocotopia. For approval, write to info@chocotopia.cz

Article XXXII

Visitors are required to obtain their consent when making video and audiovisual recordings of Chocotopia employees.

Section 8
Causing damage

Article XXXIII

The visitor is responsible for any breach of the Visitors’ Rules and for any damage caused in accordance with the relevant laws, in particular Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code.
If a visitor of Chocotopia causes damage by violating these rules or any other unreasonable activity, a protocol will be drawn up. If the visitor is unwilling to prove his / her identity, the assistance of the Police of the Czech Republic will be requested. The scope, amount and method of reimbursement shall be determined in accordance with the applicable laws and internal regulations of Chocotopia.

Section 9
Final provisions

Article XXXIV

These rules are available for viewing at the Chocotopia box office and are posted at the entrance to the Museum.

Article XXXV

The visitors are notified of the end of the opening hours by the staff of Chocotopia as well as at the ticket offices. The last ticket can be purchased a maximum of 30 minutes before the museum closes.
These visitor rules come into effect on 1 April 2019.
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